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A Natural remedy to cure Dog Travel Sickness

Summer has arrived and it’s time to hit the road…or is it?

Are you taking your dog on a summer adventure is a great way to holiday at home while taking your favourite family member with you, though for some dog owners it may not be as easy as packing their bowls & BUNCH treats before setting off.

Many dogs, just like humans can suffer from car motion sickness, the motion of the car travelling may not be the most pleasant experience for them and can cause both anxiety and upset stomachs. With an average of 23% of UK dogs suffering from travel sickness on a weekly basis we thought it would be a great idea to source some natural remedies to help make your holiday drive safer and more enjoyable for you both you and your dog.

Your dog’s body, eyes and inner ears send many different mixed signals to their brain which triggers their motion sickness while travelling in a car. Many dog owners will take their dog on a short journey and after only 5 minutes start to realise their dog is showing signs of motion sickness, after a few trips these symptoms will soon start to be less common as your dog’s brain and body gets used to the different motions which are caused by travelling in your car. In others cases your dog’s past experience can make them anxious before they even get in the car, this is why we recommend to take your dog on short journeys at a young age to help build up their confidence prior to them experiencing any signs of distress as this can put them off travelling forever with it being very difficult to regain their trust associated with car travel.

The movement of your car creates many emotions in your dog’s body which in turn can trigger such reactions such as vomiting, nausea and also dizziness. There is also many natural remedies which will help curb this reaction and set your dog on the right direction when hitting the road.

Key signs of distress to look out for:

- Being actively sick
- Diarrhea
- Panting
- Shaking
- Ears back
- Yawning
- Whining
- Crouched body

We have listed 2 natural remedies which can help curb the sickness….


Yes that weird looking herb which you keep you in kitchen is a great way to help calm your dog. Ginger is a well-known home remedy to settle & cure motion sickness and nausea in both humans and dogs. It is packed with anti-inflammatory properties and also promotes healthy digestion while offering a natural calming effect on your dog’s stomach. It is however worth noting not to give your dog too much Ginger as it can be harmful in large doses, a 1/4 teaspoon of grated ginger is the guideline for a 22kg dog, this should be given 10-15 minutes before departing. As with any remedy we do recommend first visiting your vet to check your dog’s weight and dosage required before offering this to them and to also make sure that it doesn’t affect any other treatments they may be currently be on.

Cocculus Indicus (also known as Indian Berry)

This unique homeopathic herbis widely used across the world as a natural remedy which can alleviate motion sickness especially when nausea or dizziness is present. With this remedy being only plant based it is a great way to reduce the symptoms of motion sickness while travelling. Many people if feeling effects of motion sickness immediately open the window to let in fresh air, by doing this it actually worsens the symptoms both humans and dogs are experiencing. This homeopathic remedy is offered in tablet form, we recommend speaking with your vet before giving this to your dog so you can discuss the required quantity which your dog will need based on their current health and weight.

Quick tip: Why not try and take your dog’s mind off the whole worry associated with car travel, pack their favourite toy or BUNCH chew and take a friend with you on the journey. By assuring your dog with love and affection and by letting them enjoy chewing on their favourite treat or toy this will help them enjoy their ride that little bit more while keeping their mind busy with the things they love most.

You can view a full list of other remedies which are available and tips by clicking this link.

Do you travel with your dog regularly? Have you managed to tackle motion sickness in your dog for them to enjoy every ride without any anxiety? Tell us about your story below by commenting directly on this blog, this will help both new dog owners and others who are currently in the process or helping their pooch tackle this common anxiety issue.
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