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Grain-Mites in your dog food? Not an issue while feeding BUNCH!

Have you spotted mites in your dog’s store bought food?

Grain Mites….What are they and how did I get rid of them?

These common pests can be found lurking in the bottom of your dog’s grain based food or processed treats. Their fancy name is Arthopod Typrophagus, they are also part of the same family from which ticks and spiders come from. Their appearance is a dusty brown/tanned colour with their size ranging from 0.2mm to 0.5mm in size. You may not notice them quickly at first but by following they trail or dog food destruction you will soon start to spot a vast quantity of them all enjoying their daily meal.

Top Tip: Keep your eye out for dusty residue/crumbs within your cupboard or at the bottom of the food bag, this is a great way to spot the problem early!

As the name suggests, this type of mite is attracted to grain based products which may have been left ajar while tucked away in the kitchen cupboard or utility room. Out of plain sight they will slowly work their way through the whole contents of the bag which contains their favourite food of choice “GRAIN”.

Mites…..Not an issue at BUNCH!

The easy way to avoid grain-mites at home and in your dog’s food is to feed a healthier grain free dog diet such as our Dry Raw meals. Not only will this help tackle a possible grain-mite infestation but it is also healthier for your dog’s diet due to the high quality proteins and nutrients which is within our air dried dog food.

Top tip:

- Feed a Grain FREE dog food , it will not also keep these mites away from your dog’s food but is also healthier for your dog’s diet. Check out our BUNCH Dry RAW or Frozen Nuggets range to find out more.

- Always reseal the bag properly! This helpful act could be the savour of your dog’s food and also save you from the headache of trying to get rid of these annoying mites around your home. (All BUNCH products come with handy zip lock bags, including our natural treats range.)

- Store your dog’s food in a cool dry place and also away from direct sunlight (we know you may do this already but it is always good to hear a quick friendly reminder). It is worth noting to not keep food too close to any radiators or sources of heat too as this can cause your food to go mouldy which in turn will also attract these unwanted visitors.

Did you know?

Grain mites
do not only appear on dog food but also dog treats and chews too. Many imported products from countries such as Asia or India tend to have these pesky mites lurking within the bags. The most common natural dog treat which we have noticed to harvest these is Beef Tripe Sticks which is often sold in supermarkets or discount retailers in the UK. Have you noticed a musky smell from supermarket bought Beef Tripe Sticks? This smell is mainly due to the product not being air dried properly or monitored during the drying process, this moist environment is a grain-mites dream home for them to reproduce and multiply, it is also not safe for your dog to eat….The price may look great but as always this comes with a price to your pets health, we suggest you avoid cheaper versions and only purchase from reputable brands such as BUNCH Beef Tripe.

At BUNCH we are “Grain-Mite FREE”, but how do we do this?

It is simple, we do not include any grains in our products and use only the freshest & pure ingredients in all of our foods and treats. Furthermore we do not use any artificial additives or preservatives in any of our products which helps deter grain-mites from setting up home in our products. Or extensive cooking regimes and cleaning procedures also contribute to the control of a Grain-Mite free environment within our production facility. We cook directly from frozen and pack immediately after cooking into heat sealed packaging, this ensures that no mites have the opportunity to harvest in any of our products. Unlike other manufactures we do not store products for long periods of time in open warehouses and always pack straight after processing from fresh, our automated system is of the highest quality and helps us produce the highest quality ingredients time after time.

We also offer all of our Dry RAW dog food across a variety of flavours in handy 1kg bags, offering a variety of proteins is a great way to keep your dog healthy, with purchasing our smaller bags you can switch easily between different proteins while ensuring the food is of its freshest quality & highest nutrients level.

Can Grain-Mites harm my dog?

Simple answer is YES, but not all dogs. Dog and cat’s who are prone to allergies will be most affected by Grain-Mites and dust mites alike. Their interaction with these pests can trigger an inflammation to your dog’s skin similar to other allergies which can also spread to their ears. If your dog does have a sudden reaction it is advised to visit your local vet to ask for a herbal remedy to help cure the itch or in some more serious cases they may recommend a prescribed treatment depending on the severity of the allergic reaction. It is also advised to dispose of the infected bag of food and to also deep clean all areas surrounding the home of the mites, don’t forget to thoroughly clean all dog food bowls and toys too which may have been in contact with the mites.

Have you experience Grain-Mites in your home? Tell us all about your story on how you tackle these pesky mites and how you won back control of your cupboard. Post your story below in our blog comments section...
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