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How do I keep my dogs teeth clean and healthy?

Dogs with healthy teeth & gums are happy dogs. Healthy teeth are vital for your dogs health and well being, they serve as a feeding tool and also to ward off other animals.

On the other hand, dogs with poor dental hygiene suffer from bad breath and tartar build up & inflamed gums.

Lets look a little deeper: with toothache or inflamed gums, our four-legged friends can only chew their food to a limited extent. So the nutrients are not released and the large pieces ingested can cause stomach discomfort due to constipation.

In addition to the regular visits to your local vet for dental checks along with feeding a quality species-appropriate diet which helps promote a healthy functionality of both teeth and internal organs, what other options are there ?

Dental care in dogs

Inflammation and tartar build up are among the most common dental problems in dogs. For prophylaxis many veterinarians recommend to use the natural chewing of the dog. Natural treats and chews help promote the tooth abrasion and strengthen the teeth, due to the extensive chewing of these products important enzymes are naturally released.

Traditional high street pet food brands promise " healthy teeth & gums" with their dental care products. These dental chew sticks are advertised with many selling points, such as no added sugar, low fat or artificial colours. The product designers of the major manufacturers have often even developed "flexible textures" or "rippled surfaces" that should provide for a deep cleaning.

What are the key points these brands DO NOT like to share with their consumers during their expensive TV advertising campaigns?

Their supposed dental care products are mainly made of grain! If the dog absorbs nutrients with a high carbohydrate content such as grain or sugar, this will actually promote the formation of tartar. In addition, the conventional dental care sticks sold by many supermarkets and leading pet stores consist of extruded grain with animal meal & derivatives. Even the minerals used in these treats are anything but healthy. For example, tripolyphosphates are also used in detergents to soften the water. Overall, phosphates are suspected to trigger allergic reactions, hyperactivity and osteoporosis.

So what can we do the help keep your dogs teeth and gums strong and healthy?

Nature is the best toothbrush

In nature, dogs will not find cereal-based feeds, grain sticks or sugary foods. For century’s dogs have been naturally chewing on animal bones and larger pieces of meat to help maintain healthy oral care. As a result of the actual use of the teeth, the dog actually takes care of its teeth by itself. That is why we offer 100% natural special dental care treats that support oral hygiene in a healthy and natural way.

We therefore consistently focus on natural products for the dental care of dogs - and offer various dental care treats within our online store.

Antler Chews: The sturdy, hard structure of the antlers reduces existing tartar and promotes strong teeth and healthy, strong gums. Our Antlers Chews are made from only 100% natural antlers, which are naturally shed by wild deer annually. These are collected by hand in the forest, then sorted and tailored accordingly into various sizes to suit dogs of all sizes and requirements.

Our Bull Pizzle Chews offer a long lasting and healthy option which are great for your dogs dental care. We offer this single protein treat in various shapes, sizes and thickness’s to suit dogs of all sizes including our Bull Pizzle Braids and Spiral twists. Their unique shapes will naturally work around your dogs teeth similar to a human toothbrush and help reduce the tartar & plaque build up. With our Bull Pizzles containing only pure beef muscle they are also fully digestible and super healthy.

Looking for a natural dental treat with added superfoods?

Our Fantastic Flossers range contains only natural ingredients while formed into handy baton shape sticks which are also available in 3 mouth watering flavours such as Beef, Turkey and Duck . They contain various natural health supplements across the range depending on the flavour of choice with added superfoods such as biotin and flaxseed oil. Biotin serves as a key vitamin for the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and amino acids.

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