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Rabbit Ears with Hair/Fur - Lets talk the benefits!

What are the benefits of adding Rabbit Ears with Hair to my dogs weekly diet?

Rabbit Ears with Hair are one of the most popular dog treats available on the market, they also host a variety of nutritional properties your dog can benefit from.

Can help with deworming: 
The perfect natural deworming treat for your dog. Rabbit ear hair bristles improve digestion by brushing the lining of the intestines, they also help eliminate worms. They are not completely effective anthelmintics, so egg counts and medical anthelmintics are still needed, but can help keep the parasite load down.

Helps improve anal gland health: As mentioned earlier, the Hair contains fibres that can help regulate bowel movements. If your dog suffers from repeated blockages of the anal glands, harder poop will help compress them as they pass, resulting in less blockage and secondary infection.

Great for helping reduce anxiety: It's scientifically proven that endorphins are released and dogs feel relaxed and less anxious. Chewing is the ideal stress relief distraction during phobic events like fireworks or thunderstorms.

Healthy & Nutritious: Rabbit ears are highly nutritious for dogs, rich in protein and great for maintaining healthy muscles, hair and skin..

Can improve dental health:
Rabbit ears are dry, which creates an abrasive effect on the tooth surface when chewed. This will help remove plaque and food debris from their teeth & gums.

Boost their digestion: As the hair moves through the intestine, it gently dispels trapped undigested food, improving the intestine's ability to absorb nutrients.

Hypoallergenic chew: Rabbit meat is classed as novel protein, novel proteins are the ones which your dog is not often exposed to within their diet. As this protein is not widely used in commercial pet food, it helps limits the risk of an allergic reaction.

Proteins such as Beef & Chicken have dominated the pet food market, derivatives from these proteins have been included in many kibble diets & supermarkets due their availability & low price raw material purchasing costs.The constant use of these proteins has increased allergy cases within dogs & cats within the industry, meaning many pet owners are now searching for a new range of protein sources for their pets.

How often should I feed my dog a Rabbit Ear with Hair?
Even though rabbit ears with hair are highly nutritious & boast many health benefits, they should only make up a small proportion of your dog’s weekly diet. Your dog predominantly needs to eat a balanced, high-quality food diet such as a complete frozen raw diet or our Air Dried - Dry Raw Dog Food. Giving your dog a rabbit ear two or three times a week is plenty for them to thrive from the benefits.

What are the ingredients?
At Bunch For Pets, we limit all of our products to minimal processing steps & ingredients. With this in mind we never use chemicals, derivatives, additives or fillers. We rely solely on the quality of the best ingredients and our gentle air drying process to help lock in all of the natural nutrients & vitamins.

How are they made?
For our Rabbit Ears with Hair, our master butchers remove any fatty excess from each ear piece & simply place onto our drying racks. The next step is our drying rooms, with the use of a gentle air drying process we air dry each piece at a low temperature over a long period of time. This ensures the best quality finished products without losing any of its goodness.

Which pack sizes are available to purchase?
We offer our Rabbit Ears with Hair in 3 pack sizes, 250g, 500g & 1kg. You can also benefit from an extra 10% off when checking out whilst using Bunch on Repeat.

Shop our Rabbit Ears with Hair today & start enjoying the benefits!

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