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How To Keep Your Dog Safe On Howl-O-Ween

How to Keep Your Dog Safe On Howl-O-Ween - Halloween is on its edge, and it's not just for us individuals to celebrate! Your dog can have a ghostly good time too, as long as we keep their security in mind. To ensure the only blood and sanguinary we see come out of a tube, Bunch for Pets has compiled together certain tips to guarantee a secure, happy and tail-wagging time. Here are a few bite-sized tips to confirm your dog's Howl-O-Ween is a treat, not a trick.

How to Keep Your Dog Safe On Howl-O-Ween?

  1. Comfy Costumes: Getting your dog ready with a costume is a blast, but keep in mind that convenience is key. Make sure their dress permits them to move and breathe easily. Keep in mind, that your furry friend needs to wag its tail and walk freely. Eliminate costumes with small, edible parts that could become a dangerous hazard. Choose plain, secure, and safe outfits.
  2. Pumpkin Precautions: Carved pumpkins are a main component of Halloween, but they can be appealing to your pup. While we love incorporating a suitable amount of pumpkin into our pets' diets, a lot of pumpkin seeds and pulp can spoil your dog's stomach, so keep these out of contact and dispose of them properly.
  3. Trick-or-Treating Time: While trick-or-treating is enjoyable, it can raise tension in your dog with the crowds and costumes. Halloween sweets should be kept away from them, as any amount of sweets are toxic to dogs. If you do bring them along, ensure they are comfortable in their costume when you attach their collar or harness. Keep in mind that not all dogs are social butterflies, and it's not at all a problem to leave them at home with their favourite toy while you go out trick or treating.
  4. Create a Safe Space: If you're hosting a Halloween party or have ghostly decorations, do think about your dog's comfort. Build a secure space away from the action with their special toys and a cosy bed.
  5. Evening Walk Awareness: Halloween nights can be gloomy and noisy, which may frighten your furry friend. Use reflective gear so that they can see properly and make them wear a warm costume or sweater for cold weather.
  6. Tasty Treats: Halloween treats are a compulsion, but prepare them dog-safe. Eliminate chocolate, xylitol, and raisins. Go for particular doggy treats such as the ones which can be found in our seasonal Halloween Bundle pack.

Special Dog Treats for Your Dog on Howl-O-Ween

  1. Pumpkin Strips - Your dog deserves only the best this Halloween season, and our Super-Duper Pumpkin Strips are just that. Super-Duper Pumpkin Strips are gently air-dried high-value rewards using the latest technology that maintains all the essential minerals and nutrients found in our farm-fresh Pumpkins. So you know your pooch is receiving a tasty treat this Halloween that's stored with all the nutrition he requires.
  2. Insect Strips - We are specifically fond of our extraordinary strips made from insect larvae. Our chewing strips have an appearance of meat and taste just as mouth-watering, but contain particularly healthy insect larvae of the black soldier fly. Insect larvae consist of top-quality protein, a good proportion of unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and minerals such as copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, selenium and zinc. So they are ideal suppliers of nutrition and health.
  3. Double Pumpkin Insect Strips - The pumpkin crown "On Top" is prepared from market-fresh pumpkins with modest air drying. They are high in antioxidants that curb the development of free radicals. The potassium it has assists in regulating the fluid balance, while vitamin B6 plays an essential role in blood formation and the nervous system. Ultimately, magnesium in the pumpkin manages the electrolyte and water balance in the body and confirms the stability of the bones.


With the aforementioned quick tips, you and your furry friend can have a secure and memorable Halloween. Let the Halloween howls and woofs begin!

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