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How to maintain a high-quality diet on holiday?

Going on Holiday? Dogs are not only beloved companions in everyday life, our four-legged friend should not be missing on holiday either to make the days off in faraway places even more enjoyable. However, the planning and implementation of taking a dog on holiday is not always easy – especially when it comes to maintaining a high-quality raw diet. Good News- we have made feeding a whole lot easier!

On big journeys and small adventures, Bunch wet food & sausages enable natural feeding in a simple and uncomplicated way.

A great alternative for feeding raw when travelling are our cans and sausages. The long-lasting wet food does not need to be refrigerated for transport and is therefore a practical companion on holiday. Together with the dry raw, a varied and balanced diet is guaranteed for your fur friend even when travelling! If you are planning to switch your dog to BUNCH, you should get your furry friend used to the food about a week before your holiday, so you can ensure a smooth and easy transition.

Especially in summer as well as on holiday and when travelling, the practically stackable cans are a fantastic alternative to raw feeding. The cans have a long shelf life, and the contents are protected from extreme heat and cold. Open cans last up to 3 days in the fridge

Bunch Wet food requires no refrigeration for transport and is therefore a practical companion on holiday.

The best part? Your dog intakes more water directly from the food, compared to feeding dry raw, which is especially great for "poor drinkers" during the hot summer months.

What makes our wet food stand out?

Dogs are not only damaged by environmental influences, but also increasingly by the ingredients in their food. The preservatives, additives and chemical residues often contained can be partly responsible for diseases such as tumours, kidney and liver damage.

We focus on a feeding concept beyond industrial processing, which can nevertheless be easily integrated into the everyday life of dog and owner. How? By using fresh, natural, regional ingredients and processing them as gently as possibly, consistently avoiding chemicals.

We deliberately refrain from processing that could destroy valuable nutrients and have been proven to do so. Our wet food is neither extruded nor cold-pressed.
In order to preserve all the essential vitamins and nutrients, the fresh and raw ingredients are canned, sealed and then gently steam cooked directly in the can.

Due to our innovative and high-quality production which uses the same equipment and processes as the human-food industry we are able to contain all essential nutrients, so they never need to be artificially sprayed on.

Because our wet food is made from pure meat, fresh ingredients#, not only does it taste better – it’s simply healthier.
All ingredients are 100% traceable by batch number - so you can be sure you are feeding your dog only the best!
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