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Let's talk Bully Pizzles.....The worlds best dog chew!

Are Bully Pizzles the best dog chew ever created? - Bully Pizzles or Bully Sticks which they can also be known to be called throughout Europe are simply a beefy, durable & long lasting chew, this stress reducing chew is made from 100% Beef Muscle from the penis of a Bull……yes we really did just tell you what it was made from but don’t be put off as this is one of the world’s most popular chews your dog will love and it hosts many health benefits too…..

European dog’s have been until now, been let down by the current selection of quality and range which is available to them within Bully Pizzle range. Many dog owners are put off by the thought of the foul smell which is often associated with this style of chew, this foul odour is mainly due to the manufacturing process and country or origin from which the product has been made.

Did you know many European retailers & brands sell Bull Pizzles which originate from India? Dog food & treat products made in India often discharge a very easy to recognise musky smell, this is due to cooking process and storage being not fit for purpose and with their manufacturing guidelines being below European standards.

The great news is BUNCH has a solution for this which no other brand can offer, our Bull Pizzles products are both “Odour FREE” and also all made in Germany to the highest of standards.

Did you know at BUNCH we manufacture of all of our own products in our own state of the art factory? We DO NOT import or offer products from traders, thus helping us ensure the full traceability of each pack of treats your dog enjoys. Can you current brand or supplier guarantee that?

How do I introduce my dog to a Bully Stick Chew?

The big day has arrived and you are ready to introduce your dog to the world’s best dog chew…..but is it the right size for your dog? Selecting the perfect size pizzle for your dog is key to a happy chewing experience.

BUNCH Bully Pizzles can be purchased in a variety of different shapes, thickness’s and lengths to cater for the needs of dog’s of all sizes and chewing styles.

After you have selected the most adequate size of pizzle for your dog it is then time to treat them to a new chewing experience though doing this safely will set you on the right track to a chewing success.

When feeding your dog a BUNCH Bully Pizzle for the first time we recommend feeding for 5-10 minute intervals per day, as this product is naturally high in protein your dog may not be used to the higher than usually proteins levels within the chew.

Although Bull Pizzles are not unhealthy for your dog, too much protein can cause an upset stomach so gradually introducing via short interval breaks (similar to a new food) it will help reduce the risk of any stomach upset, similar to introducing a new food to your dog’s diet.

After the initial trial period you can then happily move onto feeding your dog a whole bully pizzle chew!

Simply being a responsible pet parent is key to success similar to basic training and feeding of any new food which you introduce to your dog’s diet.

How to select the “Perfect Bully Pizzle” for your dog…?

At BUNCH we offer two different lengths: 12cm & 25cm. The size is mirrored across our full range of Bully Pizzles from our Thin sticks to our Braids with Eucalyptus.

Selecting the perfect pizzle is the first step to chewing success, for small dogs we recommend our 12cm length. This is perfect for dogs such as Chihuahua, Maltese & Jack Russells alike, starting off with our “Normal” thickness is a great starting point, from here you can then supervise your dog to make sure it isn’t too thick or too thin for their chewing capability.

Our BUNCH 25cm Beef Pizzles are suitable for all medium to large dogs, from Border Collie all the way up to Great Danes. The key factor is the thickness of the chew, this being the reason BUNCH offers a 3 stage thickness variety within our range to cater for all dog’s and their chewing style.

Similar to humans every dog is different, having the same breed dog doesn’t always mean they will require the same thickness or style of Bull Pizzle chew. Depending on their individual chewing style you can select the best appropriate pizzle for your dog.

For serious chewing we offer a Bull Pizzle Braid in both 12cm and 25cm Length. We select 3 bull pizzles and gently hand braided into this unique shape. Perfect to satisfy the more aggressive chewer!

Safety first, always supervise your dog…..

While feeding any long lasting chew, it is always advised to keep an eye on your four legged friend.

Bull Pizzles are notoriously a long lasting chew but similar to all “Dog Chews” there will come a time when it has to be replaced due to the size of the chew becoming a possible choking hazard. As a responsible dog owner it is vital to keep both your eyes and ears open while your dog tucks into their favourite chew.

Make sure you have your dog in full view when chewing a new treat without causing them distress (keeping a close eye at a safe distance will keep them calm to let them enjoy their chew) it is always advised to not let them chew while under a blanket or in a room alone to give yourself peace of mind and most of all keep your dog safe.

You can also keep your ears open to listen out for any sounds which may cause alarm such as coughing and also loud crunching which may be a result of them chewing too aggressively and damaging teeth. Simply training such as the “take away and return treat” tactic can quickly help resolve this habit for future chewing……as always training is key for any dog owner even when it comes to food & treats!

Note: When selecting the perfect pizzle, always make sure the length is larger than their mouth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques 1) How do I store my dog Bull Pizzle chew during intervals?

The safest and most hygienic way to store your dog’s “part chewed” pizzle is to simply dry off any excess saliva and place in a cool dry place out of reach of your dog….a safe place such as a high cupboard or lockable container is a great way to avoid them getting their paws on the gold while you are not at home or busy with other household choirs.

Note: We recommend not storing your dog’s pizzle in the fridge as this can attract bacteria to grow on the chew.

Ques 2) Why should I trust BUNCH as my chosen Bully Pizzle brand of choice……

BUNCH's range of Bully Pizzles, natural treats and chews are produced to the highest of European standards from raw material sourcing all the way to entering the pack .

Our team of high trained manufacturing experts follow strict European specification guidelines through the whole process, unlike countries out with Europe our high standards are continuously met for each product and will not been dispatched from our factory without a full human inspection being carried out on each batch. We also only source our raw materials from European abattoirs, we do this to ensure full traceability and welfare all of animal meat used within our food recipes.

Does your dog LOVE a BUNCH Bully Pizzle? Comment below on your own dog's experience or tips on how to feed your dog "The worlds best dog chew".

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