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My dog is RAW fed.....Which treats should I use?

Do you feed your dog a RAW Dog food diet and often struggle to find a range of treats and chews to suit?

Our most frequently asked question from our customers is
“I feed my dog a raw diet, which treats are suitable and which ones should I avoid?”

Did you know many supermarket dog treat brands contain as little as 4% meat within their treats and foods? Plus many other brands state which state “100% Meat” actually contain only Meat & Meal derivatives!

Feeding a natural food diet is the best way to ensure your dog is at their healthiest at all times from puppy to senior age, however when finding treats which are suitable for this diet or specific proteins it can prove to be a daily challenge for many dog owners.

At BUNCH we have created a whole world of “Pure Meat” food & treats your dog will simply love without any hidden nasty ingredients or misleading wording on our packaging!

Our single protein range of treats and chews are perfect for all types of dog’s and perfect to feed happily alongside a Frozen RAW or Dry RAW diet. Included within our vast range of natural products you will find a treat to suit every occasion from dog training days to a chews for those days when all your need is some peace and quiet while your dog tucks into a juicy BUNCH snack.

One common mistake many RAW feeding owners make during treat time is opting for non-natural or low meat content rewards, this is usually due to the low availability of treats and chews which are available in the UK market.

Thanks to our manufacturing & holistic vet team in Germany we have created a huge range of treats to suit all of your dog’s needs and special requirements without having to look for nasty hidden ingredients within the small print.

Our BUNCH products guarantee:

NO Meals or Derivatives
NO Fillers or Cereals
NO Synthetic Minerals

Benefits of feeding BUNCH:

100% REAL Meat
Fresh Ingredients
RAW Feeding suitable
No Hidden Ingredients
Made in Germany

Which dog treats best suits my needs and what would you recommend from the BUNCH range?

Dog Training Days: Check out our Training Tokens range, each pack contains around 200 uniformed bone shaped pieces along with a zip lock bag to keep them fresh after every command. We use only 100% single protein meat within these treats and now also offer them with “Superfood” ingredients
to add extra Vitamins & Minerals to your dog’s diets:

I want these: Training Token Range HERE

Long Lasting: Our most popular, long lasting chew is without doubt our Pizzle (Bully Stick) range. We offer these in several different sizes, thickness’s & shapes which all benefit from being “Low Odour. YES we did say Low Odour, unlike other brands our Pizzles do not stink or smell foul. Our manufacturing teams special preparation process helps reduce & eliminate this foul smell which has been to date often associated with this style of chew, we achieve this by simply spending time and care when preparing the raw material and without any nasty toxic chemicals!

Why do so many raw feeding owners fall short when feeding treats to their dog?

Many new brands have recently popped up on supermarket shelves stating to be “100% Meat” or “100% Natural”. Although they can legally state this, we have recently found that many are using these appealing words to trick their customers into purchasing low quality products. Meat & Animal derivatives offer low levels of nutrient benefits for your dog and simply act as a filler, your dog will not benefit from this style of treat as the contents being little to none we would advise to stay clear and opt for something with REAL meat!

Another new filler which has hit the market is “Sweet Potato & Pea Powder Extract” although Sweet Potato can be beneficial to your dogs diet in small amounts (10%) many brands are increasing this ingredient to bulk out their product and to allow them to state “100% Natural” on their packaging and keeps their costs low, our recent investigation has shown some brands are now using upto 60% of sweet potato in their food & treats.

Finding the perfect training treats while staying natural has always been a struggle, discount retailers offer wide selection of “Natural Treats” but did you know these are mainly sourced from countries such as China, India & Thailand?

The inspections protocols from countries out with Europe are far less superior with many products not being checked for disease or quality before leaving the factory floor. You may remember back in 2015/16 the devastating effect these poor quality treats had in the USA when Chicken & Duck Jerky manufactured in China was sold in Petco (USA) which resulted in over 1,000 dog deaths and also over 6,000 dogs falling ill all within 3 months. Immediately after an investigation USA brands and retailers shut down purchasing from factories which were not in USA or Europe as they narrowed down the cause of these deaths to three key points: Palm oil within the products, lack of controls plus traceability from Chinese producers. They have continued to opt for European or American made only pet food since.

You can check out the story here

At BUNCH we inspect all raw materials upon arriving at our factory, these are then tested to ensure only the best raw materials are used within every BUNCH recipe. We also do not store treats or food for long periods of time, this is to avoid any cross contamination from foreign bodies. Instead our unique production layout offers a seamless production line which automatically prepares, dry’s and packs all of our products within one complete cycle. With all of our strict controls and continuous fresh quality products it is no surprise to why so many UK dog owners are switching to BUNCH to benefit from only the best quality food for their four legged companions.
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