The Ultimate Guide For Natural Dog Chews
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The Ultimate Guide For Natural Dog Chews

The Ultimate Guide for Natural Dog Chews - Have you ever seen your dog bite your phone charger, damage the cushions, or chew your shoes after coming home?

Then you are probably searching for dog chews to divert your dog’s focus to an appropriate chewing target. However, not all chews are beneficial for your dog’s health and some can result in being dangerous.

Dogs always want to be rewarded with treats. They love to have treats, and they also are eligible for them because of their good behaviour such as listening to your instructions, and getting their nails short and ears cleaned without any mess. All-natural dog chews have a lot of health advantages comprising tartar or plaque cleanup on the teeth, weight management, and a sound gut.

Facts from Pets WebMD imply that only 10% of your pup’s regular calories should come from treats. Therefore, why not pay attention to giving them the right chews? You should also remember that chews should never take the place of a complete meal for your pet. An extra amount of chews, particularly the unhealthy ones, can result in obesity, which results in other health issues. Therefore, select the best dog treats to make sure that it does not negatively affect your pup’s health and feed in moderation.

There are numerous dog chews accessible in the market, but every chew may not be of top-notch quality. So, pet parents are required to have a unique approach and protect their dog’s health by having deep acknowledgement of the accessible good dog treats, the amount to be given daily and proper storage.

Fortunately, we bring to your rescue with this remarkable ultimate guide on natural dog chews to assist you in finding the best natural treats. 

Types of Dog Chews

Let’s begin with the fundamentals and talk about the types of dog chews that are available in the market. In general, we can distinguish the dog chews into the following groups:

  •         “low-quality” dog chews
  •         natural dog chews/ high-quality
  •         dental dog chews
  •         non-edible dog chews

Poor-quality dog chews are meat replacements or animal by-products. They consist of more fillers than protein, but dogs love them because of the by-products and added ingredients that improve the taste. Consider them as tasty junk food.

Natural dog chews or top-quality ones are composed of natural elements and have a rich protein content. Usually, they’re costlier due to producers using human-grade products or organic ones.

Dental chews are in a distinctive group since they have got a specific purpose – upgrading your dog’s oral health.

Unlike regular chews, dental ones are created to eliminate bacteria in your dog’s mouth, prevent the collection of tartar, and brush away accumulated plaque. These chews are also remarkable for reviving your dog’s smelly breath.

Alongside these delicious treats, we can’t forget to mention non-edible dog chews. These are simulations that your dog needs to chew on but not eat. Such simulations generally consisted of rubber or other durable material to undergo hard chewing.

Still, they cause a risk since such toys are not digestible and might result in intestinal blockage if your dog swallows a part.

Benefits of Natural Dog Chews

If you’re on a financial statement, you might be thinking if natural dog chews are worth it and what’s so unique about them.

Many poor-quality dog chews consist of unnatural elements, colouring agents, preservatives, and other ingredients that could be unhealthy for your dog. Stomach issues, food intolerance, and allergies are among the few problems that poor-quality chews can create.

Moreover, such chews generally have a reduced meat content and few to no nutritional advantages for your dog. Since such poor-quality chews are concentrated full of fillers and carbohydrates, they won’t satisfy your dog’s hunger.

That’s why pet parents prefer natural dog chews. Generally, these chews consist of a few elements, have a rich meat content, and offer the highest nutrition. They don’t consist of unnatural ingredients and use natural preservatives instead of chemical ones.

Moreover, most natural dog chews are rich in digestion and less likely to create stomach issues. They also contain rich vitamins and minerals to help you maintain your dog’s overall health and boost brain health, smooth coat, and healthy bones.

Natural chews, dental or not, can also assist in improving your dog’s oral health. The rugged surfaces of most natural chews are also remarkable for brushing off plaque from the teeth.

Chewing also helps in the production of saliva, which clears the mouth from bacteria and leftover food.

Which Natural Dog Chews Are Safe?

A dog with a bone. Is there anything more natural than that? However, most people don’t understand that prepared bones can be harmful to dogs and can destroy the intestines or lodge in the throat.

Moreover, some natural dog chews are so stiff that they can destroy your dog’s teeth, while others are tough to digest and might cause stomach issues.

As such, not all-natural dog chews would be healthy for your dog. Let’s take a look at the most popular dog chews that are safe.

1.Bully Sticks for Dogs – Safe

Bully sticks are one of the healthiest natural dog chews, even though they consist of bull’s pizzle. Dogs love the surface, taste, and smell. The same can’t be said for the pet parents, though.

In general, the ideal bully sticks for dogs are long-lasting, durable, and unlikely to break into small pieces. They’re also accessible in different sizes for distinctive breeds, and braided ones are perfect for aggressive chewers because of their toughness.

2.Pig and Cow Ears for Dogs – Safe

Animal ears, according to you, are not a delicious treat, but most dogs find cow and pig ears tempting. Besides being delicious, ears are soft enough to be easily edible and ingestible, high in vitamins/minerals, and long-lasting.

Moreover, ears are high in fat and can upset your dog’s stomach if you don’t feed them in equal quantities. But they’re still a remarkable natural dog chew.

3. Fruits & Vegetables

Fruits and Vegetables are a good source of natural dog chews. Not every fruit and vegetable is healthy for your dog but a few help them to accelerate their chewing. Frozen foods like bananas, blueberries, carrots, and so on are really good for your dog’s teeth.

Frozen fruits and vegetables are good for dogs as the cold helps in reducing pain and embraces your dog’s irritation.


When you think about any dog chews, you have to keep multiple things in mind. Always instruct your dog when they’re munching on chews and take away the chews as soon as it cracks or gets damaged.

Moreover, present chews slowly into your dog’s diet and ensure that you are not giving extra to your dog on natural treats and chews. Keep in mind that treats should not exceed the range of 10% of your dog’s regular calorie count.

Bunch for Pets is an acclaimed pet store that brings varieties of natural dog chews that help your dog to improve and have good teeth. They assist in providing organic chews that make your dog’s teeth stronger and refresh your dog’s breath.

FAQs on The Ultimate Guide for Natural Dog Chews

Q: Which dog store is famous for providing natural dog chews?

A: Bunch for Pets is famous for providing the best natural dog chews.

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