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Top 10 Dog Snacks Your Pooch Will Love

Top 10 Dog Snacks Your Pooch Will Love - Dogs have been with us as our loyal partners for a decade of years, and we want only to give them the best. Healthy and tasty treats are a significant part of their wellness. However, with the infinite range of dog treats accessible online, selecting the best one can be challenging. In this guide, we will provide you with an outline of the best dog treats accessible online.

We've completed our research and formed a list of treats that not only taste amazing but also give essential nutrients to your pooch. We understand that every dog is extraordinary and has distinctive nutritional needs. That's why we have chosen a variety of snacks for distinctive breeds and age groups. This list comprises natural and organic snacks made from top-quality elements such as raw meat, vegetables, and fruits. We have also considered snacks that are fit for dogs with exclusive dietary needs, for example, grain-free, gluten-free, and low-fat varieties. We have also stated snacks that accelerate dental health, eliminating tartar and bad breath.

By the end of this guide, you will have a bigger picture of the best dog snacks accessible online on Bunch for Pets. Moreover, it will be simple and effortless for you to select the perfect snack for your pooch.

Top 10 Dog Snacks Your Pooch will Love

1.    Pigs Ears

In the ranking of the most popular dog chews, the classic pig ears consistently ranked first. They consist mainly of crunchy and tasty gristle, which when chewed strengthens the chewing muscles and cleans the teeth. The Bunch pig ears without greasy auricles are particularly large, smell pleasantly of bacon and are particularly easy to digest. They are ideal for busy dogs and dog gourmets.

The natural pig ear cartilage contains high quality collagen. As a structural protein, collagen ensures the tensile strength of connective tissue and can be found wherever elasticity and strength are important: in the skin, in ligaments and tendons, in cartilage, in bones, in skeletal muscles, in blood vessels and even in the teeth.

Our Bunch Pig ears are made in our own factory without additives such as corn, wheat, soy, colourings, preservatives, meat flour or other fillers and are gently air-dried. Our air drying technology is a modern interpretation of centuries-old meat preservation techniques.

Pigs Ears Benefits:

- 100% Pure Pork

- High in protein

- Contains no bones

- Raw feeding friendly

2. Bully Pizzles

Bunch Standard Odourless Bully Pizzles (12cm) is prepared from fresh cuts of exclusive European beef, which is curated conscientiously with hands and simply air-dried to excellence. Our Bully Pizzles are also low odour. We deduct the foul smell which is frequently related to this type of chew because of our exclusive air-drying process.

Similar to all Bunch products, our Bully Pizzle Chews comprise no unpleasant hidden elements, without the use of chemicals. They're simply raw beef in its organic form.

Bully Pizzle (12cm Standard) Stick Benefits:

  •       100% Pure Beef
  •       Odourless
  •       Made in Europe
  •       Long-Lasting
  •       Suitable for small to medium dogs
  •       High in natural protein
  •       Raw feeding friendly
  •       No added Synthetics or Preservatives

We provide our Bully Pizzle (12cm Standard) in 3 pack sizes:

  •       1 pce
  •       5 pce
  •       10 pce

3. Antler Chew Splits

Bunch Antler Chew Splits for Dogs are prepared from top-quality & organic cuts of European Red Deer. We provide our split antlers in 5 size choices to serve suitably for dogs of all sizes and breeds. By chewing and gnawing meat and bones more often, teeth and gums are nourished and organically cleaned. Today the dog gets a range of nutrients, but teeth cleaning sometimes falls by the corner.

Our BUNCH Antler Chews are the ideal teeth-cleaning chew for stringent chewers. Their strong, hard structure can help eliminate present tartar, accelerate strong teeth & help achieve healthy strong gums.

Antler Chew Splits Benefits:

-          Easier to chew than Whole Antlers

-          Strong & Durable Chew

-          Helps support healthy gums and teeth

-          Raw feeding friendly

We provide our Antler Chew "Splits" in 5 sizes, each pack consists of 1 piece:

-          Extra Small (17-24g)

-          Small (30-49g)

-          Medium (50-79g)

-          Large (80-119g)

-          Extra Large (120+g)

4. Ostrich Bones

Ostrich bones are a wonderful option for dogs with more sensitive stomachs. They consist of very little fat, so there is no extra mess to clean up, and they hardly have any odour - which is a benefit for us humans!

Ostrich Bones are 100% organic and healthy, abundant in nutrients, and low in fat - The perfect guilt-free dog chew!

Ostrich Bone Benefits:

-          100% Natural Ostrich Bone

-          High in Protein

-          Long-lasting

-          Hypoallergenic

5.    Chicken Breast

Our tasty, dried chicken breast fillet is a perfect intricacy among our natural chews. Our chicken breast fillet is a low-calorie meat that is very rich in protein. It is simple to digest, making it excellent for pooches and seniors. It consists of significant B vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids essential for your dog's skin and coat health. Magnesium and potassium in meat are essential for different metabolic procedures.

Chicken Breast Benefits:

-          100% Pure Chicken Breast

-          Low in fat (only 3.3% fat content)

-          Single Protein

-          Raw feeding friendly

6.    Horse Slices with Pear

Our Bunch Horse Slice Double Fillets with Superfoods contain two layers. Below you will see tasty horse meat mixed with healthy pear pieces and on top, you will find a tasty horse fillet. As a result, the snack infuses healthy elements with the chewing pleasure of a fillet of horse meat prepared from whole pieces of horse meat.

Horse Slices with Pear Benefits:

-          100% Real Horse

-          Contains Vitamins C & K

-          Perfect for training days and walk

-          Raw feeding friendly

7.    Sweet Potato Strips

Your pooch deserves only the best, and our Super-Duper Strips are just what you need to give to your pup.

Super-Duper Strips are carefully air-dried high-value snacks using the latest and updated technology that conserves all the essential minerals and nutrients found in our farm-fresh organic sweet potato. This confirms your pooch is getting a delicious treat that's packed with all the nutrition he needs.

Sweet Potato Strips Benefits:

-          100% Real Sweet Potato

-          Soft & Chewy

-          Perfect for training days and walk

-          Raw feeding friendly

8.    Duck Logs with Pear and Lentil

Bunch duck logs with pear & lentils are a snack for your dog prepared from pure, top-quality duck meat and healthy superfoods. They are produced in our own factory without extra ingredients such as corn, wheat, soy, colorings, preservatives, meat flour, or other fillers and are softly air-dried. Our air-drying technology is a contemporary interpretation of centuries-old meat preservation methods.

Duck Logs Plus Benefits:

-          100% Real Duck

-          Contains Vitamins C & K

-          Perfect for training days and walk

-          Raw feeding friendly

9. Flossers with Beef and Chicken

Our essential chewing sticks prepared from natural cowhide and tasty chicken are the ideal natural dental care snack. They are very strong, difficult to break, and have a groove on the side. The setup of tartar is essentially eliminated by abrasion when chewing on the groove and by the accelerated flow of saliva.

Flossers with Beef & Chicken Benefits:

-          100% Natural

-          Semi-durable chew

-          Great for dental care

-          Raw feeding friendly

10.  Simply Chicken Bones

Bunch Bravo Bones are prepared from raw meat, are healthy & have a gentle consistency, making them ideal for daily training treats and encouragement. They are perfect for generating positive reinforcement training techniques. So your dog achieves positive feedback in the form of appreciation or a training bone to reward behaviour that has been shown.

Chicken Bravo Bones Benefits:

-          100% Real Chicken

-          Single Chicken Protein

-          Perfect for training days and walks

-          Raw feeding friendly


Looking for the right dog snacks for your pooch may take some trial and effort. What’s essential is that you present your pooch with snacks that engross and keep his attention. The more delicious the snack, the more encouraged your pup will be to acknowledge and hear your instructions.

While there’s no scarcity of dog snacks for puppies, we highly suggest the 10 choices above. Each of these pooch snacks tastes delicious and is prepared with wholesome elements that nourish your furry child from the inside out.

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