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Top 10 Protein-Packed Foods to Boost Your Dog's Health

Top 10 Protein-Packed Foods to Boost Your Dog's Health - Just like human beings, dogs too require a healthy and balanced diet of protein. Protein in a dog's meal is important because it assists in running all body functions smoothly. When your pooch receives his healthy diet of proteins, it assists in accelerating muscle repairs and strength building. Proteins also assist in developing and maintaining tissues, and other important activities in the body. The suitable protein intake varies from dog to dog based on aspects like their weight, breed, amount of physical activity, etc. So it is essential that your dog attains the best-balanced diets with the appropriate amount of proteins.

There are 10 amino acids that are important for dogs; they are particularly derived from animal protein sources (like chicken, beef, and pork). Although they are easily available, they may have a negative impact on your dog's health. Animal meat may give rise to your dog going through skin allergies and in certain scenarios indigestion and food poisoning. This is why vegetarian food would assist your dog in achieving the nutrients he needs but also have a mouth-watering meal without any aftereffects. If you’re tensed about your dog getting the required amount of proteins through his veggies, Bunch for Pets has brought this guide of Top 10 Protein-Packed Foods to Boost Your Dog's Health and fulfil the protein nourishment.

The Importance of Protein for Dogs

Dogs may be omnivores, but they depend greatly on protein to assist them in surviving and thriving. They need more protein in their diets than we do.

Protein consists of essential amino acids that are critical to the procedure of cell production. Without appropriate protein in their diet, dogs can have a lot of health problems. They will lose energy, their fur will go out of shine and lifeless, and their immune systems become less overpowering to fight off disease.

Biological Value

"Biological value" is an expression used to express how easily dogs can furnish the available protein from a specific food source and captivate it into their systems. Foods that are rich in biological value are the best protein sources for dogs as they are convenient to digest. When the food is perfectly digested, the dog receives as much of the available protein as possible. Foods that consist of a lot of protein yet have a low biological value are not conveniently digested by dogs, so they aren't a great source of protein.

Protein in Commercial Dog Food

There are varieties of dog food formulas accessible on the market, including a variety of high-protein dog food choices. The best brands utilise protein sources with a rich biological value whereas the worst form their formulas on low biological value foods. There is also a collection of foods in between that contain both high and low-biological value foods.

Why such a difference? High-value protein sources often are expensive, while low-value proteins are budget-friendly, more cost-effective, and still meet pet food guidelines for base protein content even though a dog can't digest the food properly to captivate the protein that is in it.

Top 10 Protein-Packed Foods to Boost Your Dog's Health

1.    Chicken Dry Raw

Our moderately air-dried chicken menu is an easy and considerable menu with an amount of 80% chicken meat and offal mixed with juicy vegetables and mouth-watering fruit. This air-dried chicken is partnered with valuable organically occurring minerals and salmon oil.

2. Venison Shoulder Bones

Our 100% Venison Shoulder Bones are an appetising and satisfactory treat. Moderately air-dried, they provide hours of healthy, comfortable chewing.  Also, it will guarantee your dog is getting all the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that are important for them to stay active and healthy.

3. Simply Horse Bones

The horse meat involved in Bunch training treats is rich in vitamin A, which plays an important role in your dog's innovativeness and the development of skin, teeth, and bones. The iron that has been blended in the meat accelerates oxygen transport in the blood and the already present copper accelerates the metabolism of your dog. Horse meat consists of a good quantity of sodium, which is partially responsible for controlling the water balance in the body.

4.    Simply Turkey Bites

Bunch Turkey Bites are made from real meat and are full of nutrition. They have a moderate consistency, making them perfect for encouragement in dogs. They are ideal for establishing positive boost training techniques. So your dog achieves positive feedback in the form of bites to motivate their behaviour that has been shown.

5.    Air-Dried Beef

Our moderately air-dried beef menu is a real 80% beef and offal menu, blended with real vegetables and tasty fruit. Partnered with valuable organically occurring minerals and salmon oil.

6. Ostrich Bones

Ostrich bones are a remarkable choice for dogs with more hyper allergic stomachs. They contain very little fat, so there is no excessive mess to clean up, and they hardly have any smell - which is a benefit for us humans!

7. Chicken Breast

Our appetising, dried chicken breast fillet is an ideal intricacy among our natural chews. Our chicken breast fillet is a low-calorie meat that has protein in high quantity. It is convenient to digest, making it wonderful for pups and seniors. It contains important B vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids important for your dog's skin and coat health.

8. Cod Skin Twists

Your pooch will love our 100% natural and raw Atlantic Cod Skin Twists! These treats have been made from real pieces of fish skin that have been dried at low temperatures to absorb all of their organic nutrients. They are an important source of Omega-3 fatty acids, which helps in preventing swelling and promoting healthy skin.

9. Double Pumpkin Insect Treats

We are particularly fond of our unique treats made from insect larvae blended with a pumpkin strip. Our chewing strips look like meat, and taste just as mouth-watering, but have been made particularly of nutritious insect larvae of the black soldier fly.

10. Duck Fillets with Apricot and Algae

Bunch Duck Fillets with Apricots and Algae are a snack for your dog made from raw, high-quality duck meat and nutritious superfoods. They are prepared in their own factory without preservatives such as corn, wheat, soy, colourings, additives, meat flour, or other fillers and are softly air-dried.

FAQs on Top 10 Protein-Packed Foods to Boost Your Dog’s Health

Question1. What are the protein rich foods for dogs?

Answer. Dogs get a good source of protein from eggs, fish, raw meat, vegetables, fruits, and so on.

Question2. What happens if the dog does not get a proper protein diet?

Answer. In case the dog does not get a proper protein diet, he will become less active, lose energy, and even his fur will lose shine and become lifeless.

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