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Top 4 Reasons - What causes a "Dry Dog's Nose"

What causes a “Dry Dogs Nose"

A dry dog’s nose can be a common worry for many dog owners, in our latest blog we have listed the top 5 most common reasons your dog may be experiencing this.

Does a dry dog’s nose mean my dog is sick?

Simple answer is NO, don’t worry a dry dog’s nose isn’t always a major cause for concern, however it can also be an early indication of any future illness’s and underlying health issues they may have if your dog’s nose is continuously dry so it is best to stay on top of it and check regularly.

As a dog owner it is always advisable to regularly check your dog’s nose condition and also their general well being on a daily basis. Why not start your dog’s health routine today, we like to call it “The nose to tail routine”, a full check should only take 2 minutes to complete and will give you full peace of mind that your dog is healthy and happy.

My dog wakes up with a dry nose, but why?

Normally dog’s noses are moist, this is caused by your dogs body naturally producing a mucous which helps aid their sense of smell. When your dogs is sleeping this cycle is stopped and can cause your dog’s nose to dry up on certain areas or totally depending on the length of time they are sleeping. A dry dog’s nose is normally most visible upon them waking up, but don’t worry their system will automatically get back to work to produce more and within 10 minutes their dry nose will return back to its normal wet self.

  1. Could it be caused by allergies?

Similar to humans, dog’s often suffer from allergies too which can be caused by a variety of causes. The most common causes are, intolerance to a certain proteins in their food, grains and not to mention certain pollen's or grass when out on their daily walk. These allergic reactions will naturally cause your dog’s nose to dry up as a side effect.

Searching for the main allergen which is affecting your dog can be tricky, however we recommend starting with the basics such as their diet and inspecting what is included in their food or checking for something that may have changed in the ingredients (many brands will change ingredients without any notice to keep they product costs low without telling their customers).

At FRESCO all of our products are 100% natural without any added grains, fillers or preservatives, our dog training treats range for example only contain 100% pure meat, we will also NEVER change any ingredients to lower costs . With limited ingredients in their food it can easier to narrow down the cause of food allergies. We do however recommend visiting your vet to report any allergy or reaction your dog may experience, they may recommend taking a skin sample, this is usually the quickest way to find the root of the problem with least distress for your dog.

3. Weather & Sunburn…..Plan ahead!

Warm, dry weather and hot sunshine can be a harmful mix to not only our own human noses but also your dogs as their noses are very sensitive.

Simple days out in sunny weather with your k9 companions can quickly show signs of sun burn, it is always best take care if the weather is too warm and seek shaded areas where possible to reduce the risk of sun burn.

We don’t often get long periods of sunshine in the UK, however it shouldn’t be a reason not be prepared for when this style of weather finally arrives. Planning your trip can play a vital part of this, such as going out when the weather is at is coolest are after sunset before you embark on the longest part of your day out.

There is many creams and natural lotions such as “Snout Soother” which is available from many reputable pet stores with can help keep your dog’s delicate nose safe from the harmful rays, why not ask your vet or local expert for more information on the products they sell.

Looking for more information on this topic, why not check out this “keeping cool” blog by The Vet

4. Dehydration.…..Keeping their bowl full!

Water is the source of life, therefore you dog should always keep their hydration levels at their optimum levels. If you dog does not consume enough water, this can quickly result in a dry nose. Like any dog adventure or day out always be sure to take extra water with you and a light weight dog bowl to carry in your rucksack.

Not sure what to take on a trip? Why not check out our “Hillwalking with your dog” blog post from last week for tips and tricks.

If your dog is not keen on drinking during the warm weather this can be a sign of something a little more serious and we advise calling your vet for advice.

What else could it be?

  1. There are many other reasons your dog’s nose may be dry which cannot be cured by home remedies. If your dog’s dry nose is associated with others symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhoea or signs of discomfort then you should seek veterinary advice immediately, they will help investigate the symptoms further. Many forums may offer advice to what it “may or may not be” however with symptoms like these we advise having these checked by professionals as they can be signs of a more serious condition.

    Have you experienced dry nose symptoms with your own dog?….

    Has your dog experienced a dry/cracked nose? Comment below with your own experience with any tips or advice to what you did to cure this itchy and uncomfortable topic.
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