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Top tips on how to enjoy a UK "Dog Stay-cation"

Stay-cation with your dog…….a summer holiday to remember and one the WHOLE family can enjoy too!

The summer season has arrived and it is time to book your holiday getaway, this doesn’t mean you have to leave your dog behind after all they are part of the family too! It comes as no surprise that a whopping 85% of UK pet owners would rather enjoy a stay-cation rather than leave their pet at home while going abroad. With this trend set to grow as we leave the EU, have you considered a dog friendly short break for the summer of 2019?

Take them with you while enjoying one of the many dog friendly holiday locations which can be found all across the UK. With Brexit upon us (we are sorry, we said that word again) travelling with your pets will start to gradually start to involve even more paperwork your vet will have to sign off plus restrictions on travel with your pets. With a “No Deal” Brexit still on the cards we are still unsure of what these news laws will involve the team over at Euro Tunnel recently posted on their page with the possible outcomes with what may lay ahead for UK pet travel, check out this blog.

Why not make your holiday planning that little more enjoyable and less stressful, the UK has many great dog friendly cottages to visit with a range of scenery’s from Scottish Highland camping spots to the beautiful Devon coast. Not sure where to start your search for dog friendly accommodation? Why get in touch with our friends at Canine Cottages they have a wide range of pet friendly holiday let homes for families with 1 dog to 10 dog’s in their pack, you can view all their properties online and book too with their simple and easy to use online booking system. Alternatively you can reach them on the old dog and bone weekdays until 9pm , all details can be viewed on their website.

Things to check before you set off on your stay-cation!

Similar to any holiday, planning is key to making your trip away enjoyable from the minute you open the car door at your destination.
Taking your dog however takes a little more forward thinking to avoid any mishaps along the way.

Here is a quick list of things to check and also to not forget before you set off in the car!

Does your dog have their own seat belt?

Safety is paramount and even more so when your dog is travelling in a car, accidents can happen at any time and it is best to be prepared. You can pick up an easy to use “dog seat belt” at many leading car store specialists or local pet store , simply clip the female part of the attachment onto your dog’s harness and then into the standard seat belt connector. If you are struggling to source one, why not ask your friend for a loan of theirs or from someone on your favourite dog forum.

Water + Bowls and pee stops!

Like any day trip, you should always take your dog’s travel bowl and extra bottles of water for the car journey. A 3 hour drive to your dog friendly holiday cottage could easily turn into 6 hours, due to busy traffic levels during peak season or road diversions. Don’t forget to plan your “dog pee pit stops” too, we recommend inputting your travel into one of the many UK road map routers which can be easily found online, with these you can also view all service stations which you will pass on your route. This will help you plan the stops to make and when, as motorway or country service stations can vary from each location. It is always a great idea to find the most “dog friendly” options to choose for your pee stops. Nobody wants to start off their holiday with your dog causing a water feature on your rear seats!

NOTE: Don't forget to pack extra bio-degradable poo bags too for those number two's. Help keep the countryside & holiday park a safe & clean environment for all holiday makers and be a responsible dog owner. There will be many dog poo bin's located throughout your stay, if you can't find one close by please keep the bag until you find a safe bin to dispose of your dog's waste.

Did you remember to take their bed & blankets?

You may have a huge comfy king sized bed awaiting your arrival at your luxury dog friendly cottage but don’t forget your dog will need somewhere comfy to rest their paws after a long day of exploring too. Many dog friendly hotels may offer bedding for your dog, however we recommend taking your own. Not only will this make your dog feel more secure and at home while reducing their anxiety but it will also help avoid the chance of your dog catching any fleas which may have been left behind from the 100’s of other dogs who may have already slept on the bed on offer at the hotel!

I feed RAW food, is there a travel alternative?

Feeding frozen raw dog food on the move can be a real headache, thankfully our team of experts at BUNCH HQ have formulated a unique Dry Raw Range which can be easily fed alongside your dog’s current frozen raw diet plan to help you enjoy your holiday without the daily worry of “did we defrost their food?” or do we have enough space to take enough Frozen RAW food to last us 1-2 weeks while on the move. Our unique Dry RAW food uses the exact same healthy ingredients as our Frozen RAW Nuggets, our special air dry & freeze drying oven locks in all the natural goodness while offering a perfect biscuit consistency without any nasty ingredients or fillers. We have most recently added to our range of “Easy to Feed RAW options” with our “NEW” Wet Food cans and sausages, just like our Dry RAW food you can feed this alongside your dog raw diet or let them enjoy a mix of both our Dry & Wet raw offerings, every dog loves a variety and it is also essential for your dog’s diet.

Is your dog fit to travel?

Travelling with a dog either in the UK or abroad can be very stressful for both dog and humans alike as the new environments can sometimes cause slight anxiety. However it is always worthwhile popping your dog into the vet before setting off on your adventure for a quick check up. A quick health check can put your mind at ease and also ensure your dog is safe to travel, why not let your vet know what your plans are and they can help advise which activities are suitable and which are not depending on your dog’s current body condition.
We recently added to our dog health blog with tips on travel sickness too and how to “curb” it, click this link for tips and tricks.

NOTE: In-car temperatures are far warmer than outside the vehicle, please do not leave your dog in the car while you go shopping! You may have seen in the news many dog suffering from heatstroke and in some cases fatal consequences. Instead of leaving them in the car, why not take a family member or friend who can take your dog for a stroll while you grab the essentials from the local supermarket, not only will you fit in a quick pee stop for your four legged friend but this simple act could save their life.

Toys & Home comforts…

Taking your dog on holiday is very much like take a child away, they will require attention and entertainment just like when at home. One way to keep their mind busy and feel at home is to take their favourite squeaky toy or BUNCH treat with them to chew on while you pop your feet up to enjoy a cup of brew to relax!

The weather man is not always right….

As we will all know, the UK weather can change quickly from hour to hour, with this in mind it is always handy to pack your dog’s water proof jacket with you to take on your trip. Did you know you can also purchase “wind breaker” jackets for your dog too, these are thinner than your normal winter coat and can be perfect to take away on your summer holiday as they are light weight and easy to pack in your rucksack. You can buy these from many reputable pet stores all across the UK, your local pet store will also advise of the best fit for your dog, so why not take them to store with you and pick up some treats and chews while you are there!

Are you planning a “dog friendly stay-cation” this summer? Simply comment below and tell us all about your holiday plans or of a previous trip you recently enjoyed with your own top tips for an enjoyable summer break.
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