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YAK - The best dog chew

As the name suggests, the yak chew is made from the milk of the yak.

This popular cheese is not only delicious, but also a natural, healthy and long-lasting chew. Due to its special drying process, the yak cheese is low in fat and is therefore also ideal for overweight dogs. It's easy to digest, grain-free, gluten-free and packed full of unsaturated fatty acids. The lactic acid bacteria contained are perfect for your dog's intestines and also ensure a beautiful coat.

Unlike most of the other yak chews on the market, our yak cheese does not come from Nepal! In general, we do not use any ingredients from Asia, the milk for the BUNCH Yak chews comes from Yaks from Belgium.

Good to know

At the end of (almost) every chew, there is a small piece left over that dogs like to gobble down. We It therefore advise to dispose of it due to the risk of swallowing. You don't have to throw away the small end that is left, you can put it in the microwave (1100 watts, 30-60 seconds – make sure you let it cool down)! Due to the heat the yak chew pops up and your dog can enjoy his favourite chew even longer.


  • particularly low in fat (less than 1.5%)
  • rich in protein
  • gluten and grain free
  • long-lasting chew (for comparison: 5x harder than parmesan)
  • particularly healthy fatty acid composition

You can find our Yak Chews Here

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