Bunch on Repeat

Bunch on Repeat is our new automated ordering system that offers a seamless and stress-free ordering experience.
Our repeat ordering feature also helps eliminate the chance of forgetting to order your dog's food and treats on time each month while benefiting from two tasty benefits: 10% OFF all products PLUS unique member promotions throughout the year!

Our simplistic Bunch on Repeat system helps assist in placing your order automatically on the weekly ordering frequency which you pre-select during your initial checkout. Our system will then automatically place the selected order and process payment.

As simple as 1, 2, 3!
Your order will be placed and delivered directly to your door just like a normal order experience. There are no minimum order requirements or subscription contracts!

How do I set up a Bunch on Repeat order?

How do I recieve my 10% OFF?

Can I use other discount codes or offers alongside my Bunch on Repeat?

How do I cancel my subscription or remove a product?

Let's get started!

Benefiting from Bunch on Repeat could not be easier. 

It's as simple as 1..2..3 
Simply select your desired products, add your delivery schedule of 1–12 weeks, and start saving! 

Say goodbye to long-term subscriptions! 
Cancel whenever you want. There are no contracts and no hassles when shopping! 

Benefit from
10% OFF all orders

For every order placed whilst using our Bunch on Repeat, you will benefit from an exclusive 10% off your total order spend for all orders you place using this service.

No minimum spend is required. Even better, you can grab
Free Delivery too for all orders over the value of £49.

T&C's - Valid for only items which offer Bunch on Repeat service, not valid in conjunction with discount codes/offers.