Let's talk Natural Body Treats!

Transcipt from video: 

"Hi, my name is Reiner. I would like to introduce to you today to our natural dog treat programme.

Beside our dog menu's & our dog food we offer a wide range of natural dog treats and snacks.

Unfortunatley Bull Pizzles which is one of the most popular products are known as very stinky products. This because normally Bully Pizzles which are sold in the UK are manufactured in India & Turkey. These countries dry their products in the open air without the use of drying ovens.

Therefore the fermination begins and they start to stink. Even if they are steralised after in big ovens with high tempretures they stinky odour are always present and cannot be avoided.

We specialise in our non odour Bull Pizzles. Our Bull Pizzles are dried with a special dryer & oven technique which leads to a non odour Bull Pizzle.

You will see with this one...there is no smell at all!

We offer them in 25cm like normal ones or 12cm, just a normal Bully Stick. We also offer them in our special braid shapes, this one for example is braided with thick Bull Pizzles which leads to are very heavy & durable product. They are about 300g per piece, making them perfect for really large dogs they can really bite into it and you have a really good teeth cleaning effect.

We also have them for mid sized dogs with a medium thickness braided pizzle

We offer them also in 12cm, Monster ,Thick or Thinner version.

We have a very special product in our range our Spiral Bully Pizzle, we wrap each piece around a tube to create the spiral shape. The result a really nice Spiral Bull pizzle, very high quality with no smell at all.

Besides these products we offer in Bunch alot of other natural products for example poultry products like Duck Necks &Turkey Necks. We have Beef producst too such as Beef Tripe, Beef Gullet, Beef Head Skin & also with fur which is great for digestion of your dog.

Also within the range many other protiens such as Lamb, Goat & Ostrich,

So welcome to "The Bunch"!