Meet the Bunch

We don't just make our food with love and care—we make it for LOVE of dogs.

Our brand Bunch For Pets was created around our own office dogs. As dog owners ourselves, we strive to feed only the best to our dogs and will never settle for a low-quality diet. That's why we created a brand that makes all our products out of only the best stuff: real meat and veggies, no artificial flavours or preservatives, and no junk.

But don't just take our word for it: all of our products are taste-tested by the Bunch themselves (AKA Frankie, Millie, and Norman).

We're not like other dog food companies. We’re the Bunch!

Hi, my name is Frankie

Job: Head of Entertainment

Breed: Basenji

Favourite Treat: Beef Ears

Motto: I can make treats disappear quicker than Houdini

Hi, my name is Millie!

Job: Quality Control Manager

Breed: Springer Spaniel

Favourite Treat: Fantastic Flossers

Motto: A pizzle a day keeps the doctor away

Hi, my name is Norman!

Job: Head of Happiness

Breed: Lurcher

Favourite Treat: Chicken Fillets

Motto: When life gives you chicken, make Chicken Fillets