Who's Bunch, What & Why?

Welcome to Bunch for Pets the UK's go to store for for high-quality, natural, and sustainable pet products.

Our mission is to simplify natural dog food choices. Our team of pet food chefs offers a range of minimal ingredient, minimally processed products, maintaining nutritional value without synthetic ingredients or fillers.

Join our pet-loving community for updates and explore our products. Your dog's happiness is our priority.

Transcipt from video: 

"Hi, I am William from Bunch For Pets!

We are a natural dog food, treat and chew manufacturer based in Europe and but we are now available in the UK.

All of our products are 100% natural & free from any nasty preservatives, additivies or hidden synthetic ingredients.

We have over 200 products to choose from, including chews, training treats & long lasting pizzles.

Check out our range today and see which treat gets your dogs tail wagging!

Thank you for choosing Bunch For Pets"

Transcipt from video (Part Two):

But why are we called "the Bunch" ?

Bunch got its name from the close knitted bound that we share with our own dogs, whom we refer to as "The Bunch"

Frankie, Flo & Rio heading up HQ , creating some of the most delicious natural treats and chews within the market.

We have our Air Dried Food, our Dental Chews and also Training Treats plus many more different lines.

Check out our website today and let us know which one does your dog LOVE the most!