Flo's Fetchables - Fresco Dog UK
Flo's Fetchables - Fresco Dog UK
Flo's Fetchables - Fresco Dog UK
Flo's Fetchables - Fresco Dog UK
Flo's Fetchables - Fresco Dog UK
Flo's Fetchables - Fresco Dog UK

Flo's Fetchables

• Beef, Duck, Turkey mix
• Raw feeding friendly
• 0% fillers or synthetics

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Flo's Fetchables - Fresco Dog UK

Flo's Fetchables

Details & Benefits
Ingredients & Analysis
Storage & Feeding
Details & Benefits

Introducing Flos Fetchables: Nourishing Delights for Energetic Pups

Embark on a culinary journey tailored to match the energy and liveliness of your beloved pup with Flos Fetchables. This exquisite collection of nutritious and delectable dog treats offers a perfect choice for your dynamic companion. Enclosed in a generous 1kg bag, the assortment boasts a captivating array of flavors and textures, including Duck Bites, Beef Bites, and Turkey Bites with Sweet Potato & Pumpkin, all designed to cater to your pup's preferences.

A Paw-Selected Symphony: Flos Fetchables stands apart as these treats were meticulously chosen by none other than Flo herself. With her innate taste for excellence and boundless spirit, Flo's seal of approval assures that each treat upholds her standards of taste and quality.

Tailor-Made for Active Pups: Crafted to complement the vivacity of active and energetic dogs, Flos Fetchables deliver the sustenance your pup needs to match their zest for life. Whether it's a reward during training or a snack in between play sessions, these treats align perfectly with your pup's vibrant lifestyle.

Training Tips:

  • Variety Sparks Engagement: Incorporate different treats from the assortment during training. Switching flavors keeps your pup engaged and curious, motivating them to learn and perform.
  • Precision in Timing: Timing matters in training. Deliver the treat promptly after your pup successfully executes a command. This immediate reward reinforces the desired behavior effectively.
  • Portion Control: For training purposes, break the treats into smaller pieces. This ensures that your pup receives the reward without overindulging or consuming excess calories.
  • Praise Amplifies Rewards: Alongside treats, shower your pup with praise and enthusiastic encouragement. Positive verbal cues and affectionate petting reinforce their positive actions.
  • Consistency for Success: Maintain a consistent training routine. Regularity helps your pup develop a strong association between the desired behavior and the tasty reward.

    Please note: Picture of packaging shown is for online display purposes only, you will receive either a kraft paper bag or clear plastic bag with white label attached. This does not affect the product.
Ingredients & Analysis

Turkey Bites with Sweet Potato & Pumpkin

90% Real Turkey , 2% Pumpkin , 2% Carrot , 2% Sweet Potato, 4% Natural Vegetable Glycerin

Nutritional Analysis: Protein - 37%, Fat - 16%, Moisture - 14%, Ash - 8%, Fibre - 0.5%

Ingredients: 95% Duck, 5% Natural Vegetable Glycerin

Simply Duck Bites

Product Analysis: Protein: 35%, Fat: 18%, Moisture 16%, Ash 7%, Fibre 0.5%

Simply Beef Bites

95% Beef, 5% Natural Vegetable Glycerin

Product Analysis: Protein: 40%, Fat 15%, Moisture 14%, Ash 8%, Fibre 0.5%

Storage & Feeding

Now that you've got your bag of Bunch, here's how to keep those tasty morsels fresh:
All of our products come in a handy resealable bag, so you can lock in the natural goodness between feedings.
Just store in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight! It's that easy!

Suitable for puppies over 12 weeks
Please always supervise your dog while feeding, and make sure fresh, clean water is available.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
juliank (Barnes, GB)
Great Raw food and service

Great products available to raw feeders, quick delivery, thanks

Kirsty (Cardiff, GB)

Perfect treats for the puppy!

Lou (Sandhurst, GB)

Always looking for treats that don’t contain rubbish fillers. My dogs eat raw food, no grain and these treats are perfect. Duck bone treats are good too.

KM (Ellon, GB)
Much loved by our Lab

Our Lab loves these treats and is always on his best behaviour to obtain them :D

Tiffany Blaker (London, GB)
The perfect sized training treats for a Newfoundland

Our Newfoundland loves these treats. We’ve used the little training bones before but they’re quite small and tended to get lost in his big floppy jowls! These are bigger - about the size of a pound coin - and a much more satisfying treat for a big dog. They’re dry enough to put straight in a pocket to take on walks, but stay nicely soft chewy. Being able to buy them by the kilo is much more convenient and economical too

Questions & Answers

How much of each item is in the bag?

Can i swap items in the bag?

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