Horse Fillets with Pumpkin & Pear - Fresco Dog UK
Horse Fillets with Pumpkin & Pear - Fresco Dog UK
Horse Fillets with Pumpkin & Pear - Fresco Dog UK
Horse Fillets with Pumpkin & Pear - Fresco Dog UK

Horse Fillets with Pumpkin & Pear

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Horse Fillets with Pumpkin & Pear - Fresco Dog UK

Horse Fillets with Pumpkin & Pear

Details & Benefits
Ingredients & Analysis
Storage & Feeding
Details & Benefits
Bunch Horse Fillets with Pumpkin & Pear are a treat for your dog made from pure, high-quality horse meat and healthy superfoods. They are manufactured in our own factory without additives such as corn, wheat, soy, colourings, preservatives, meat flour or other fillers and are gently air-dried. Our air drying technology is a modern interpretation of centuries-old meat preservation techniques.

The carefully selected horse meat, squash and pears are locally sourced and 100% traceable. Thanks to our gentle manufacturing process, the nutrients contained in horse meat are preserved and help your dog to stay healthy and vital for a long time.

The horse meat contained in Bunch horse fillets is rich in vitamin A, which plays an important role in your dog's vision and the development of skin, teeth and bones. The iron contained in the meat supports the oxygen transport in the blood, the contained copper supports the metabolism of your dog. Horsemeat contains a high proportion of sodium, which is partly responsible for regulating the water balance in the body.

Pumpkin is rich in antioxidants that counteract the formation of free radicals. The potassium it contains helps to regulate the fluid balance, while vitamin B6 makes an important contribution to blood formation and the nervous system. Finally, magnesium in the pumpkin regulates the electrolyte and water balance in the body and ensures stability of the bones.

Pear is high in fiber and thus helps digestion and satiety. Due to their low fruit acid content, they are also easily digestible and suitable for sensitive stomachs. In addition to numerous vitamins, such as folic acid, which is important for blood formation, pears are also rich in boron, which keeps bones healthy.

The Bunch Horse Fillets with Pumpkin & Pear are refined with a dash of glycerin (a fat component) from rapeseed oil. The healthy glycerin binds water and provides the soft and chewy texture that dogs love so much.
With the Bunch Horse Fillets with Pumpkin & Pear, your dog gets an irresistibly delicious and at the same time healthy snack for in between. Furthermore, the horse fillets are ideal for allergy sufferers and dogs of all ages.

Horse Fillets Plus Benefits:
- 100% Real Horse
- Contains Vitamins C & K
- Perfect for training days and walk
- Raw feeding friendly

Does your dog have allergies? not sure of the superfood? Try our sing protein Simply Horse Fillets!
Ingredients & Analysis
Storage & Feeding

Now that you've got your bag of Bunch, here's how to keep those tasty morsels fresh:
All of our products come in a handy resealable bag, so you can lock in the natural goodness between feedings.
Just store in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight! It's that easy!

Suitable for puppies over 12 weeks
Please always supervise your dog while feeding, and make sure fresh, clean water is available.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Tracey Pacey (Chelmsford, GB)
Fab treats

My 2 loved these ,first time buying horse meat, will be buying again.

Lilly (Nunhead, GB)
Natural and tasty

You can see the natural fibres in these treats and I like the simplicity of them. The dog loves them and they're a bit more chewy, so makes her work for it a bit.

Questions & Answers

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Are Fillets soft or crunchy?

What size is a fillet?

What are the benefits of Pumpkins & Pears?

Oh' so tender...

Fabulous Fillets are the answer to your dog's dreams.
We capture all the goodness of the farm-fresh meat by gently air-drying, delivering the taste dogs love, with none of the nasties they don't need.

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